Corporate Law Advisors Firm ensure complex legal assistance with all  civil law disputes for our clients all over the country. Our advisors represent clients at every stage of judicial proceedings and in extrajudicial procedures where a dispute is settled out of court by the means of arbitration or mediation.

It is best to start settling disputes with extrajudicial activities, by arbitration od mediation. Arbitration is aimed at settling the matter of dispute, while mediation leads to working out mutual agreement of the parties of dispute.  Consent of both parties in dispute, which may be expressed as a contract on mediation or arbitrage,  is necessary to carry out both arbitration and mediation, with so called arbitration agreement. Settling the dispute out of court is performed much sooner and is less expensive then judicial dispute. Both procedures are also less formal and more flexible, neither of them requires evidentiary hearings.


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02 – 508 Warszawa, Polska
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