Administrative procedural law is a wide legal field whose main aim is to regulate relations between juristic personalities and administrative and local authorities. This field of law determines also performance of these authorities, principles of establishing them, their responsibilities, terms of reference and performance areas.

In Poland  constitutional administrative law (prawo administracyjne ustrojowe) regulates structure and performance areas of state administration, substantive law (prawo administracyjne materialne) determines relations between citizens and administrative authorities and administrative procedural law (prawo administracyjne procesowe) regulates normalizes cases of administrative ,proceeding.

Administrative proceeding or administration procedures are aimed at regulating, solving and normalizing a particular case. Administrative matters and disputes may refer to different issues. Administrative proceeding is introduced, for example, when a natural person applies for a building permit. Except the applicant and the local authority, landlords, perpetual usufruct owners or property administrators of the neighbouring area can be parties to such proceedings. In such cases, professional legal counselling can be necessary.


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