Corporate Law Advisers Firm consists of a group of specialists experienced in the fields of law, management and economy. Our team is represented by legal advisers, restructuring counsellors, lawyers, apprentices and office staff.


Adam Pawluć, who is a law adviser and a reconstructing counsellor, having almost twenty years’ experience in winding-up and restructuring proceedings, is the founder of the Firm.  He specialises in insolvency and property law, restructuring law and commercial law. The founder of the Firm graduated from The Law Faculty in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He completed his legal practice with The Local Firm of Legal Advisers in Zielona Góra and at present is doing his doctor’s degree with Instytut Prawa Upadłościowego i Restrukturyzacyjnego oraz Badań nad Niewypłacalnością in Warsaw. Since 2012 he has had the syndic’s licence awarded by the Minister of Justice in Warsaw. He also is a member of The National Firm of Restructuring Advisors (Krajowa Izba Doradców Restrukturyzacyjnych).

Since 2012 Adam Pawluć has carried out over one hundred restructuring and insolvency proceedings, including negotiating and liquidating proceedings. In these cases he appeared as a syndic, supervisor, manager and counsellor.

The offer of our Firm is directed to smaller and bigger entrepreneurs, corporations and natural persons who do not do business. Enterprises and corporations are offered complex service, including legal and tax advice,  with counselling and support in the field of performing business activity. At present, we are co-operating with dozens of medium and big entrepreneurs on basis of permanent support to the corporation performance.

Specialists from Corporate Law Advisers support our clients during difficult winding-up and restructuring proceedings, as well as in maintaining relations between creditors and  debtors.

We have wide experience in solving administrative and civil disagreements. We treat each case individually, suggesting our clients most beneficial solutions, ideally adjusted to their needs and situation.

We support our clients at every stage of proceedings, also through representing them in court and in front of administration offices.

Individual clients are offered advisory service and legal counselling in the field of setting up their business, or support with the choice of the best legal scheme for the new business. We also realise consumer insolvency procedures.

Corporate Law Advisers Chambers co-operate with numerous specialists – economists, accountants and other investment counsellors in order to ensure our clients the highest standard service.

The wide range of our clients consists of both international and domestic enterprises. Our workers have carried out insolvency and reconstructing proceedings performing as syndics, restructuring counsellors, general counsellors and supervisors.   


Warsaw Office :

ul. Puławska 41/16
02 – 508 Warszawa, Polska
email: biurowarszawa@c-l-a.pl
tel: 508 682 837
fax: 22 646 31 91

Łódź Office :

ul. Sienkiewicza 153 lok.1
90-302 Łódź
email: biuro@lawadvisers.eu
tel: 42 631 93 30
fax: 42 641 70 54

Gorzów Office :

ul Franciszka Walczaka 25
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski
email: biurogorzow@c-l-a.pl
tel: 95 725 51 50
fax: 95 735 86 00

Poznań Office :

ul. Młyńska 9 lok. 3
61-730 Poznań
email: biuropoznan@c-l-a.pl
tel: 61 852 53 28